Chatel Resort Guide

Once upon a time not too long ago Chatel was a quiet Savoyarde farming village, a collection of farms with more cows then people living there. The arrival of winter was the cue for everyone (including cows) to head indoors and stay there until spring.

Fast forward 60 years and Chatel is now a major French ski resort, boasting a cutting-edge lift system and comprehensive snow cannon coverage. This transformation has been achieved whilst retaining the traditional alpine character and charm of the village.

You'll still see a few of the original farm buildings scattered around the resort, but there are plenty of accommodation options available to suit all tastes. All development has been done in a traditional style and you'll not find a concrete tower in sight, the options are modern apartments to privately owned boutique chalets.

The centre has a great variety of bars with a lively apres atmosphere especially if you get the timings of the happy hours correct, plenty of live music / DJ nights and SKY Sports for the addicted footie fans.

Most of the french restaurants offer a traditional Savoyarde menu for those needing melted cheese to keep out the cold, and steaks / pizza / pasta for the none cheese heads.The standard of food served in the restaurants is generally of a very high standard, with the service is often aimed at giving you plenty of time to enjoy your meal which is the French way - although to the English client that can be sometimes seen as slow!

The numerous ski shops in the village offer the latest ski equipment and clothing, whether its latest snowboarding kit from the Switch5 board shop or the latest Rocker skis you'll have no trouble finding what you need.

The Chatel Bus service runs free buses all day to shuttle people around between their accommodation and the lifts.

Other activities on offer in the resort are Paragliding, Dog Sledding, Ice Skating, Cross Country Skiing, Ice Diving or Fishing under the lake ice, Evening Skiing, Snowshoeing, High Mountain trips or the latest craze Airboarding.